Frequently Asked Questions

Or not so frequently asked questions, since no one has asked me any ever...
Why crojack ?
I've taken crojack as my domain name because I like it ! The word has a nautical background, being properly cro'jack as in a cro'jack yard, or crossjack yard.
Ok, so what's a crossjack yard then ?
The crossjack yard was the horizontal piece of wood (i.e. a yard) that was lowest on the mizzen (aftmost) mast of a three masted square-sail sailing ship. It was used to keep the lower corners of the mizzen topsail stretched out and in some ships a sail, called a cross-jack, was set on this yard (source: Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea).
What's with the seagull ?
It's just from a picture I took on holiday in Mousehole (in Cornwall) - no more significance than that...
Anything else ?
Well it's pronounced cro-jeck.
What's this about wanting LabVIEW work then ?
I was going freelance, but I don't have time any more so I can't help you. I still have my LabVIEW section which has some useful stuff on it.
What's with all the pictures that flash up on this page ?
Ah, yes. That's me playing with JavaScript. Have some more pictures taken on holiday in Boston, including the mast of the USS Constitution and an Amtrak Train